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tv   [untitled]    January 27, 2015 3:30am-4:01am PST

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approval and happy to answer any questions you may have >>any questions or comments? commissioner loo. >>i have a question on the operating expense detail. it seems like eight months expenses is higher than 12 months. >>are you looking at the nofa budget? >>operating expenses. >>oh community technology network is only for the first year. so in the next year it's not a line item. >>patty, would you come forward? thank you. >>commune technology training is for the staff and our key volunteers. because we have about seven languages evidence at our center
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it's hard when they go on to their language for staff to help them because they're not as familiar with the programs so we want them to become more familiar so they can help the seniors more and better so we want them trained so we can get more seniors on the computers and help them through the process. >>i'm looking for the counseling.
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counseling. >>next item, item i. requesting additional authorization to modify the grant during the period of october 1 2014 through june 30 2016 for additional amount of $30,000 for revised grant amount not to exceed $1,334,313. may i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. thank you. >>we seek your approval for on lock 30th street senior center community services located in the mission district of san francisco. the funding proposed is meant to help with infrastructure support and staffing. they're look together hire a special projects coordinator full-time. they'll help facilitate group and individual computer classes.
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this facility has a computer lab accessible to seniors throughout the day. this individual would also work to recruit volunteers from are the technology network and replace past volunteers. having more diversity in the staff to help facility groups would be very beneficial. they would provide cohesion to seniors through monthly meet and greet sessions and would be the staff on duty which is an individual that's responsible each day for meeting sort of the acute needs of seniors that come up throughout the day so there's one point person to address questions and concerns that come up so other staff aren't pulled from their current duties and next thing you know they have
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one person doing everything they have to do. this person would perform registration, would help with a va tryty of administrative tasks as needed and would work with open house and senior center with outreach and program anything the area. ooa urges you approval for this grant. thank you. >>thank you very much. any comments or questions. commissioner sims. >>i want to recuse myself from this vote. >>okay, thank you. any comments or questions from the public. hearing none call the question. all in favor. any opposed. thank you, the motion carries. the next item appears on the agenda as j. it's requesting authorization to modify the additional community service programs during the period of october 1 2014 through june 30 2016 in the additional amount of $150,000
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for a revised grant amount not to exceed $1,514,226. michael zogg will be presented. may i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>moved and seconded. thank you michael. >>thank you commissioner. item j is funding for two years for self help for the elderly to open a new community center in the west portal neighborhood. there's been difficulty finding a location in the west portal area so we're here today presenting an idea for a brand new community center. it's located on lennx way, about a block from there the west portal tunnel. there's a parks and rec building they'll be using. the community center is used for youth after school and then in the afternoon it will convert
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into a youth senter. the community center will have wellness classes, an array of other social opportunities and organized activities. as of right now the planned opening date is monday february 2. again, i'm here seeking your support for this item. happy to answer any questions. >>thank you. any comments or questions from the commission? >>i do -- >>commissioner ow. commissioner ow. >>thank you. what's the capacity. how many senior you going to serve? >>i believe between now and the end of june we're hoping to serve 130 unduplicated seniors for the full year about 300
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clients on an annual base sis. >>what's the hours? >>i'm just a little confused. it says location and time of services the address is 601 jackson street. am i in the right -- >>let's take a look. i apologize, that is a typo. 601 is one of their offices where their provide services. this location is 131 lennox way. >>and it says hours of operation are 8:30 to 5:15 pm. >>again, that's a typo in this. >>thank you. any other comments or questions? >>yes. >> >> >>commissioner james. >>[inaudible]. >>i believe they own the
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building. >>one of the programs. okay. >>any other comments or questions from the commission? comments or questions from the public? >>i recommend that information be amended. >>yes. a thank you. comments or questions from the publing? hearing none, all in favor? any opposed? thank you. motion carries. the next item appears on the agenda as f requesting authorization to enter into a new grant with community living campaign for age and disability project. community connection during the period of october 1 2014 through june 30 2014 in a total grant not to exceed $80,000. do i have a motion to discuss? second? thank you. thank you maria. >>again, good morning
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commissioners. maria, with the office on the ageing and i too am very excited to bring forward this particular award, grant award. this is a program we've actually been working with for the last few years through a very small, very modest amount of add back funding from the board of supervisors, in particular in district 11. we've called it before the coyoga project. we are happy to announce that we were the successful bidder for a program well now refer to is a correctors program.
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through a very different model from the more traditional means, something i referred to previously. we're happy to have one us today in the audience three of the principals for this program -- we've glen da, hope who is a long time resident of the neighborhood we're referring to; we have the coordinator for the program and also marie, who is with the sponsoring agency the community living campaign. again, this program is modelled to be a very appropriate and also customized to the neighborhood needs. it is the residents that will decide the type of activities and services that will be
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rendered. just to give you a little bit of idea of the neighborhood itself over 1/3 of the households have someone that is 65 or older. . for many of the elders in the community, they're considered house rich, but cash poor. what we mean by that is 82% of the homeowners -- of the elders own their homes, but finds themselves in the dubious position of being able to afford the cost of living in san francisco. this facility is going to be multigenerational so the community connectors program will provide 250 hours of community connection activities or services provide 40 hours of
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outreach activities establish and provide training to a crew of volunteers or what they call neighbors. these are neighbors going out to help neighbors. they will also be doing a survey of at least 75 people in the neighbor to determine service needs. there is going to be a primary paid position. what i really think is outstanding about this program is they are off to a really good start and they also have an advisory group which ms. hope will be providing leadership there and helping with outreach policy and fund raising issues. i had an opportunity to visit their always active program and i have to say i was thoroughly impressed by the level of participation and just the enthusiasm the exuberance of
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the participants in that particular program and about what it means to them to have this type of a program. >>thank you. i want to make sure i understand, maria. this is a new program, but it is being -- the agency is not a new agency to the city it is an a jep say we have funded in the past, correct? >>this is something that we have been funding on a very minimal level to get it started as a project, but now we have a little more significant amount of funding for this program to be able to hire someone to actually help coordinate the program and so i'm happy to have here by my side reverend hope she might be able to provide additional information for you. >>thank you. we are very excited about what's happening here. this is a program i started about four years az go with minimal but welcome support from
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supervisor avalos and guidance from marie jobbing. there is no senior center or natural gathering place in this dense residential neighborhood so we don't have an office to support. our office is in the home of the woman we have been very fortunate to find to take over the leadership of this program, that's patty. patty is self employed she lived in the neighborhood and she's about 25 years younger than i am so she has a level of energy and ideas and creativity to bring that he really is just going in all directions. we have -- you may notice a fairly significant item for this period for youth. it would be using the youth and their young legs to do a lot of outreach house to house, going,
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fliers and so forth. we think this is a new model that's appropriate to a number of neighborhoods and we'd be glad to consult with any of them. i also want to say that we could not have done what we're doing now if it had not been for the program that 38th street services runs. it is the glue and also the launching pad for a much larger program. >>thank you very much. any comments or questions from the commission? commissioner loo. >>i wanted to point out on page c there is a typo. [inaudible] 6,000. one column and the total should be 6,000, it's over 12,000. r or was there something else
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that needed to be added? shouldn't be because then the total wouldn't be right. i'm looking at the [inaudible]. >>oh, that's a different contract. that's a different contract. you're giving me a head start because that's my contract and i have top figure that out. >>we look at a lot of these things month in month out. this has a uniqueness and flavor about it that is really compelening and i'm pleased to see this happening. >>wonderful. >>thank you. any comments questions from the commission? any comments questions from the public? hearing none, call the question.
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all in favor. any opposed. thank you, the motion carries. >>thank you very much. >>thank you. >>the next item appears on the agenda as h requesting authorization to enter intoor a new grant with next village san francisco for age and disability friendly community project youth youthout once again michael zogg is presenting. may i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. thank you. michael. >>thank you commissioner. here today in support of seeking your approval for funding for the next village program. i wanted to give you a brief overview of the village model of service. it's a membership organization that provides an array of services to its members, including organizing social and
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educational activities transportation, in home su pofrpt, such as assistance with chores. referrals to local recommended businesses and other health and wellness opportunities such as an exercise group and things like that. the services provided to the membership are provided by the paid staff by volunteers and the members themselves. another sort of unique feature about the village model is that no oneset location is required. there's no one community center where it's housed so what that might mean for the next village program is in the past year they have had an education event on the peter and paul church on washington square and then a social event on the they will high neighborhood center. the next village does focus on the northeast section of san
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francisco, so it's loosely defined as van nes to the east and broadway to the south with the bay as north and eastern boundaries. the amount for funding is $100,000 for the rest of the fiscal year. this is a third year of funding for the program and the same amount as the previous year. >>thank you very much. any comments or questions from the commission? >>the note that this is new not the third year. >>i guess the distinction is this is not a continuation. their funding has ended and this is an application for new funding for them. >>for an existing program. >>yes. so this is -- often times we're here on a renewal of contract this is would be a new contract not a renewal. >>thank you. any other comments or questions from the commission? comments or questions from the public? hearing none call the question. all in favor?
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any opposed? thank you. the motion carries. and the final item on our agenda appears as g, requesting authorization to enter into a new grant with golden gate senior services for age and disability service friendly community project developed in a village model slash senior center from october 1 2014 through june 30, 2016 for a grant not to exceed $75,000. may i have a motion to discuss? >>so moved. >>seconded. thank you. maria maria. >>yes, thank you commissioners. i'm bringing forward this particular grant for an approval. it's to an existing provider that actually does provide community services already in
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the richmond district however, they are now attempting to put together a hybrid of sorts. my colleague, michael zogg talked about the village model. this is going to be a blend of a senior center with the village model in their community, in both the inner and outer portion of richmond. i'm happy to have here the representative from the center if there are questions i'm not able to answer. with this new program there is a desire to blend what is best about having a brick and mortar center with the able to go out into the community to serve those not necessarily coming to the center on gary boulevard.
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there's going to be a volunteer core that will be able to go out in the community and to provide friendly visiting and additional services to folks that are choosing to stay within their home, but actually do in fact want to be able to have some method of socializing or connecting to necessary services. this program is set with funding for one year at this time and as we know there has been some months that have taken us to this point but this program has been very diligent about creating their volunteer core earmarking, how to go about jumping starting this program and they are already connected in many ways in the sense that they already are a hub for the
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ageing and disability resource center. they also are in a building with other essential services to be provided to these new consumers. one of the goals is to twully have the consumers turn into [inaudible] which is something my colleague referenced with the next village model. ll be members of the village model concept so we're hoping that you will ask whatever questions you needs and also approve this ultimately. >>thank you very much maria. any questions or comments from the commission. commissioner sims. >>i'm refer to commissioner loo. the budget question. >>oh yes, $6,000. >>this came in as a two year budget so that's why it would
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have been 6,000 and 6,000, but when we adjusted to one year we didn't catch that. thank you for catching that. >>so it's $6,000 than what was proposed. >>yes, the total are correct, but it's a typo. we didn't catch that. >>any other questions or comments. >>one, it looked like it was a fairly low number for targeted consumers for the dollar amount so is this a labor intensive program where it requires a great many hours than ours? >>it is. they are trying to develop this new mode model and concept. if we had funding for two years you will see a remarkable jump in the number of people served, but what we noticed is it was
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actually just one year funding at this point, but again, knowing what i know about the richmond seniors center they're not going to just stop at a certain number. if they can exceed they will definitely exceed and do more than that. they have a real commitment to the community and district and so i can safely say that to you. >>any questions or comments from the commission? any from the public? hearing none call the question. all in favor? any opposed? thank you the motion carries. the next item on the agenda is announcements. announcements. >>i'm with catholic care charities. when we have our case meeting on monday we'll be working through the contracting challenges we
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have so hopefully we'll see you there on monday from 3:00 to 5:00. >>thank you. any other announcements? hearing none any general public comment? thank you. a motion to adjourn. >>got to be quick. >>we have one more public comment so -- >>i'm joanin levy and i'm one of the founders of [inaudible]. wefr just celebrating this year our fifth year. we had our first organization, which means over 85% of what happens is done by volunteers. we have one-and-a-half ftes who do wonderful great work, far beyond what you could ever imagine. we have doubled our membership
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in the past year and we have plans to double our membership this year and the assistance and support support support, not only financial, but the real support from people in our neighborhood and the board of supervisors and you folks has really made a difference in what we've been able to do and look forward to doing. >>since there are no questions. there can't be any questions right now. any az nounsments. thank you very much. motion to adjourn. by a rising vote.
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